Constellation Tactics

CONQUER THE STARS – in about five minutes

This wargame simulator offers a specialized RTS experience: The thrilling endgame mayhem of a traditional strategy campaign – compressed into endless bite-sized skirmishes.

Seize and defend territories while capturing assets to strengthen your navy. Upon these simple foundations, sophisticated simulations build tense & dynamic encounters.

Built for extended play, Constellation Tactics offers a unique and flexible platform for orchestrating your own tiny space operas. Engineered to be fast, simple, and satisfying..

  • Constellation Tactics Screenshot 07
    Alliance vs. Coalition
  • Constellation Tactics Screenshot 06
    Free for All
  • Constellation Tactics Screenshot 05
    Federation vs. Alliance
  • Constellation Tactics Screenshot 04
    Coalition vs. Republic
  • Constellation Tactics Screenshot 03
    Coalition vs. Federation
  • Constellation Tactics Screenshot 02
    Federation vs. Republic
  • Constellation Tactics Screenshot 01
    Union vs. Federation



Test yourself in dynamic – often unfair – situations. Victory is never assured, and your hard-won assets are always on the line. Optional random events add to the chaos.


Achieve naval supremacy with assets captured in battle. Specialize in key traits or diversify to handle any threat. Multiple playable factions encourage experimentation.


Created for lasting value, each session offers a fresh experience. Matches are quick and brutal – campaign progress is steady. Built to offer instant fun & nuanced action.


Controls designed for rapid macro-management enable you to act decisively, even under duress. Effectively commanding hundreds of units quickly becomes second nature.


Strong visual feedback communicates all essential information at a glance. Follow and respond to evolving conflicts with effortless battlefield awareness.


If you like what I’m doing and want to help me achieve my dream of becoming a full-time solo developer, please tell your friends about my debut game!
Thanks for checking out my work,”
-Mike J.